Saving your company money

The Doctor Hotline is a consultant group that assist employers in establishing a self-funded healthcare package for your small business.


We provide the following services to help you navigate the minefield of today's changing healthcare by:

  • Assisting in setting up HSA accounts to cover outpatient expenses 
  • Providing tele-medicine support by certified and licensed professionals 365/24/7 to cut the cost of expensive emergency room visits
  • Administration of the doctors and hospital claims
  • An education portal with discounts and market place advice to help the employee make the most of their HSA account and shop for cost effective healthcare


Our service assists companies with less than 200 employees in the unlikely event of an inpatient stay by:

  • Negotiating with hospitals so the cost of the employee stay is never more than 110% of Medicare pricing
  • We have partnered with hospital claims specialists to price Inpatient claims so that you do not have to hire additional staff or outside administrators
  • Stop loss insurance in cases where the company has over 50 employees and dependents in their group will cover large claims in order to keep cash flow at your small business steady.


The end result the company is free from expensive off the shelf employee insurance and allows the employee to shop for the best value for their healthcare dollar.  While reducing unnecessary trips to the ER through tele-medical care and preemptive care such as physicals and vaccinations. The result is a reduction in unnecessary costs, time saved, improved quality of care and employee satisfaction. 


Our service is free if we do not save you money over last year’s healthcare costs.


Rising Claim Cost 71% of ER visits do not require immediate attention in the ER or are addressable with outpatient care. Doctor Hotline is free to employees whose employers have enrolled in this program
Access to Care 85% of Americans who went to the ER said they couldn’t wait to see their regular medical provider. 45% of ER visits were not classifiable as immediate, emergent or urgent at triage.  Employees whose companies enroll will be able to see or talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere. A licensed doctor will answer the phone when you call.
Quality Care On average a patient might see a doctor for less than 10 minutes. Our doctors are Board-Certified and licensed to practice. You will not be pawned off on a nurse or a nurse practitioner.

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